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One of our areas of expertise is offering a wide variety of meteorological services for shipping, yachting, offshore and every activity on the sea. What Meteo Expert offers covers every meteorological aspect needed in the maritime sector.

Weather forecast has an important role to ensure safety and efficiency for offshore, inshore navigation and for operations related to each vessel arriving a port and monitoring its location in operational areas, as well as to protect the marine environment and adjacent shore areas and ground operations from the possible adverse weather conditions. Meteo Expert provides very detailed forecasts for the harbor and neighboring area and seven seas worldwide with hourly forecasts for the next 24,48,72 hours plus three-hourly steps for the following days. Typical parameters include wind, direction, height and period of waves, sea levels, tides, ocean currents, cloud cover, precipitation, air pressure, air temperature, surface temperature, umidity, visibility, thunderstorm, hail and ice limit.

CEM can provide specific weather forecast for all offshore activities in connection with the exploration or exploitation, including the access by air. As for the shipping, weather and ocean data may be provided at very high resolutions for all parameters: winds, currents, waves, tides etc. Similar service can be done to support Cables and Pipelines Monitoring activities. As well as the services like those above detailed, Meteo Expert can provide specific services for flight operations related to offshore activities: in fact, from January 2013 CEM has the ENAC-EASA certification as ANSP-MET.

In case of oil spill CEM can provide data useful to predict movements (known as trajectory analysis) of the oil. CEM runs specific models to predict the possible route, or trajectory, a pollutant might follow in or on a body of water, such as in an oil spill. To quickly set up spill scenarios customized for each incident, Meteo Expert can model in a diagnostic mode, which enables us to incorporate a number of outside atmospheric and oceanic circulation models. In a standard mode, it is possible to set up spill scenarios to predict how wind, currents, and other processes might move and spread oil spilled on the water.

The Research and Development division is constantly testing the latest NWP models and techniques, keeping up to date with scientific breakthroughs and technical advancements. CEM develops in house products and algorithms to better forecasts in all the specific fields. Because of this, CEM services are extremely flexible in order to tailor and optimize products to satisfy the needs of our clients.

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